Is Electronic Cigarette Better Than Regular Cigarette?

Have you ever felt racked with guilt each time you think of puffing a cigarette? Well, most smokers feel that way because they know cigarettes are bad for them but they just cannot break free from their nicotine addiction. Thankfully, there is a solution for this, in the form of electronic cigarettes. With everything going electronic from shopping to sending mails, it is not surprising that cigarettes became electronic too! E Cigs are good for health and they can even help you with the almost-impossible task of quitting smoking.

So why is the electronic cigarette UK better than the conventional cigarette which costs a lot cheaper? Well, if you set aside the price factor, you will realize that these high tech non-flammable devices are the ideal solution that allows you to enjoy your nicotine fix without being exposed to the ill effects of tobacco and other harmful substances produced from smoking. What you get is a vaporized e liquid solution consisting of nicotine that comes in a variety of flavors. Hence, you can experiment with differ e-cig flavors in order to find one that you like.

Another way of putting it is: e cigarettes contain no tobacco and there is no smoke or combustion involved; however, you do get to enjoy the physical sensation of smoking a cigarette since you can exhale water vapor that looks exactly like smoke. This battery-powered alternative is any day better than traditional cigarettes even though the initial investment may be a figure that is larger. If this is your first time buying an electronic cigarette from us then you should go for the starter kit from a reputable company like us. The kit is our way of helping you get started and switching over to a healthy habit.

Our e cigarette starter kit consists of an e-cigarette complete with a portable charger, lithium-ion batteries and nicotine cartridges. Of course, you have the liberty of choosing the strength of your nicotine cartridge. We recommend starting with high strength of nicotine and then gradually working your way to low strengths and ultimately to “no nicotine” so that you can quit your smoking habit with our e cig. Our e-cigs do come with an owner’s manual in order to help you clear the doubts and questions on your mind.

Our e-cigs are designed to delight our customers. One of the best features of our e-cig is that you don’t need to light it because it would operate automatically the moment you take a puff. Moreover, since there is no combustion involved, there won’t be production of ash. Hence, there is no need to use an ash tray or a lighter. Moreover, you can freely smoke your e cigarette in the public because it does not produce offensive smoke or harmful by-products. Best of all, you won’t have to chew gum each time you smoke because the water vapor produced is odorless. With so many advantages and benefits on its side, it is hard to find a reason as to why one should not try out our e-cig already!

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