Side Effects Of Lasik Surgery

Everything has some flaws in it therefore we cannot expect error free procedure. As far as Lasik surgery is concerned it has also some draw backs in it. Some patients feel annoying feelings after having lasik surgery. These kinds of discomfort feelings are often seen after the lasik surgery. Problems may vary from person to person. Some people feel glare or halos around the images or some feel it hard to drive at night. Whereas some people feel intense dryness around the eyes after the surgery.
First two days after surgery are very important and extra care is required for the patient’s eye. Some patients feel very strange and odd feeling soon after the few hours of Lasik surgery. Glare is a common problem which has often found in patients who recently have a lasik surgery. Glare is a visual sensation in which a person is unable to see properly in bright or sun light. The excessive and uncontrolled brightness can cause difficulty in vision and a person feel it hard to see things clearly. Halo is not painful at all but it’s more of a major problem that often appears after lasik surgery and cause difficulty especially during driving with street lights, car lights. Halos are the extra blurred images around what you see and cause difficulty in proper vision. Patients also feel fluctuating and tumbling images after lasik surgery which is really not good for a clear and proper vision. Although, lasik surgery is quite impressive in technology and procedure but yet it has some flaws that cannot be eradicated easily.

How To Use A Recumbent Stationary Bike?

Like others stationary bikes also are of two types; recumbent Bikes and an upright ones. The main difference is off course with a position of a human body. Former have a reclined one while the latter goes with an upright body. The usage of both the bikes are entirely different from each other. Both are useful for its appropriate user. But generally recumbent bikes are more comfortable and less hard to ride as compared to an upright bike. Recumbent bikes are very helpful for the patients who have any problem related to lower back. In order to use a recumbent exercise bike at home or at gym one must keep these points in mind before using it.

First of all adjustment of your seat is very necessary. After sitting on a seat adjust it with your comfort level. There are some adjusting screws near the seat which can make it easy to move like your will. Start your ride with a low speed and carefully see the extension ans movement of your knee.

After sitting properly, warm up your body with riding for more 5-7 minutes with a very low speed. But gradually make it high when you feel warm up.

Estimate the duration and timing of your exercise. If someone wants to loose his/her weight, he/she have to use a recumbent bike for 30-40 mints a day. It can only work on a fatty person if he uses it to that time. But if someone use this recumbent bike only for health befits than he do not need to use it longer.