There are millions of moving companies available, but very little of them go efficiently. But even with smooth moves scams and dodgy activities do occur. Doing a little research about the moving companies can save you from scams and can make your move easy, economical and less jagged for you. Here are few tips for you to hire a good mover:

Get Recommendations from people around you:

Ask friends, family, colleagues and neighbors etc. about good moving services, and about their experience with moving service companies. Or Search nearby moving services yourself and ask them for references. Tell them you want list of there customers from your area, they have provided moving services from. Ask the customers yourself about their moving experiences.

How much moving inventory do I have?

A reputable moving company in Dubai will evaluate your moving cost by the bulk and weight you’re carrying and the space your stuff will take up in vehicle.

Call in the shortlisted companies for estimate:

Call in the companies you have short listed for the estimates. The estimator from the moving company must go through all your storage and bulk to make a fair estimate how much your move is going to cost you.

When you have got all your estimates compare the bids:

When you get all the estimates from the shortlisted companies, start comparing the bids to find the most appropriate match for you. Beware of the company who bids the smallest because they are offering you their service at lowest  from other competitors they must have an agenda behind them, unless they have any special package deal or offering special package for the season do not go for it. I REPEAT DO NOT GO FOR IT. Look for the most reasonable higher bidders from reputable companies do not hesitate to negotiate to get the best possible rate.


Look out from the companies you have shortlisted that which takes the full responsibility of your possessions safety and in case of any misplacement do they offer any compensation. Always go for the company who takes responsibility of their duty and provide any reimbursement in case of any performance lag or damage or another possible mishap.

Registered company:

Look out for a registered moving service to minimize any scam, fraud or deception. A well reputed company will most certainly get itself registered to achieve the satisfaction, approvals and trust of the customers.